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Speak With Clarity and Confidence!

Your accent Modification Journey Begins Here:

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Compton PESL-certified instructor.


Are any of these true to you?

  • I often hear: Your accent is so beautiful!  Where are you from? (Meaning: “You sound weird!”) Or I hear: “Where is your broken English coming from?”

  • I’m afraid of being ridiculed because I say something incorrectly.

  • I feel like my accent is the reason my co-worker got the promotion even though I am more qualified.

  • I'm stressed because I feel like people are judging me by my accent, so I begin to stumble and my accent sounds even worse.

  • I don't want to go out because I do not want to repeat myself and still not be understood.

  • I feel isolated!

I Understand Your Pain!

I’ve been there myself!

I moved to US at the age of 28 and I am familiar with every step of the struggle!

But it does not have to be a struggle.

I went through an accent modification program and now I am a nationally certified Speech Language Pathologist!

If I could do it, so can you!

Whether it is a well-deserved promotion, confidence while attending a networking event, or increased success with small talk and social conversation, do not let your communication differences get in the way of your personal and professional aspirations!

In this 13-Week Accent Modification Intensive, You will:

Improve production of vowels and consonants in a manner consistent with standard American English

Improve use of natural American English stress and intonation patterns

Improve understanding and use of casual speech and idiomatic expressions

Improve workplace and social communication

Click below to access our FREE screening online to see if this program is a good fit for you

What Would Improved American Accent Mean to You?

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